Applying Domain Driven Design to Business and IT Capabilities

One way to structure products is around domains of an organization, which gives rise to domain-driven design (DDD). This DDD model that aligns business and IT capabilities in a domain-aligned, product-centric way is about establishing a composable IT ecosystem where each application is composed of a set of capabilities that are built and managed by their respective product teams or squads. Yay! So much fun!

The be successful, there are significant challenges that need to be acknowledged and addressed first. These challenges include operating model transformation, organizational change and re-alignment, the roles of various parts of the IT organization, skilling transformation and so on. Therefore, it is essential to have a clarity-oriented roadmap (with an incremental approach) of how an enterprise needs to move to the composable IT ecosystem model.

This three-part blog series discusses a systematic, disciplined way of applying DDD principles across the enterprise to simplify the complexity of decomposing legacy applications and re-writing them as domain/products and services-aligned capabilities. Check it out!

Domain-Driven Modernization of Enterprises to a Composable IT Ecosystem: Part 2 | IBM