Best EA toolsets and software

Hi everyone!

Just wondering what software everyone prefers using in your Enterprise Architecture practice?

In my consulting I have frequently come across Archimate and SparksEA but I feel like they tend to provide bland and complex visuals. Maybe it’s just because I’ve become bored with the icons.

I’ve recently been investigating Capsify and from first impressions I like the style and simplicity. There seems to be a bunch of new players in the market at the moment. What’s everyone using?

How dare you insult Archi!

You are no longer allowed to sit with us real architects, heathen.

Hey don’t get me wrong I love Archi as much as the next architect. I just… want some pizzazz…

You want what? Easy, here you go fam.

But on a serious note, I think if your data is good and relationships have been mapped properly you will have that wow factor regardless. I’m more concerned with if the meta-model meets my needs, and for that I think archi is great.