Documentary Club!

Happy New Year!

Does anyone here enjoy a good documentary? Let’s use this thread to share our favourite must see documentaries.

I’ve got two tech related recommendations to start us off.

Silicone Cowboys: it’s about the early days of Compaq and how these guys used reverse engineering to create “IBM Compatible” products, eventually running apps faster than the original IBM hardware. It’s an amazing story. Everyone loves to point at the beginnings of Apple and Microsoft as game changers of the tech industry but these guys had a massive impact in a different way, taking on Big Blue! Check it out.

The Cleaners: Who really censors our social media feed and how does that shape public opinion? Well it’s outsourced of course. But if you’re essentially outsourcing morality, does that create another problem? Big question’s for our modern world. Worth a watch.

What must see documentaries do you recommend? I would love to hear about them.

I haven’t seen those but I’ll check them out if I can find them on a streaming service. If you like tech related docs these two are super interesting.

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Yes they are both awesome documentaries! Really eye opening to the modern world we live in. Zero Days is about Stuxnet and that happened back in 2010. Imagine how far things have come since then.

I hope someone makes a documentary like Zero Days about the SolarWinds supply chain hack. They could call it Zero Days 2: Sunburst Day…(roll Terminator 2 theme music)

Rise and fall of Atari is a crazy ride.

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