Enterprise or Solution Architect dress code?

Do Architects have a particular look?

Most of my architecture colleagues wear the standard office attire. Suit and tie. Super corporate. Except one stand out fellow I used to work with who would run a pair of suspenders and bow tie which was a little left of field but that was his shtick.

Now don’t t get me wrong, I love a good suit as much as the next guy. But personally I wear a t-shirt with jeans and a sports coat or blazer in a smart casual sort of presentation.

What do you guys wear? Are you eccentric? Are you formal? Can you immediately recognise the architect in the room? What are the do’s and don’ts of the Architecture dress code?

Yeah there is a “look”. It’s the look of despair. It’s easy to pick the architect, he’s the one with the thousand yard stare.:rofl: