Org structure and team size

Just asking how big are everyone’s teams? I’m working in a team of 6 SA’s that service infra for a large government agency. The org is highly complex and there are many small teams stood up like mine throughout the different departments . I don’t know how many SA’s there are overall. Is that a normal size and structure?

Quite common in the public sector. Sometimes there will even be management ratios limiting team size. Is there an issue with your current structure?

Well the problem I have is there are so many architects here but they are all from different little teams and they like to talk in circles. It’s chaos. There are like 20 different “forums” and communities of practice. It feels like no one wants to make a decision or take any responsibility. They like to play the “balls in your court” game or refer you from one forum to another forum. Is there anyone else suffering like me?